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Standardized management of oil pumping unit equipment

The main oil recovery method in China's petroleum industry is oil pumping unit equipment. In order to maximize the revenue of pumping unit equipment and minimize the cost, it is necessary to carry out effective pumping unit equipment management.

In the overall overall environment of China's social and economic development, the demand for oil is increasing year by year, but most of China's oil fields are in a state of low output, most of which rely on water injection to press into the well, and then rely on pumping units. The oil is extracted from the formation, which shows the position of the pumping unit in the oilfield mechanical oil recovery process. In order to achieve the least cost of the pumping unit and achieve the goal of maximizing the efficiency, it is necessary to standardize the management of the equipment of the oil pumping unit, thereby increasing the profitability of the pumping unit equipment.

I. Equipment management of pumping unit

1. The core principles of management

Pumping equipment from production to equipment operation to equipment scrap, in the life cycle of the equipment, reduce the frequency of problems with the pumping unit, to correspondingly improve the benefits of the enterprise. Regular oil pumping equipment maintenance can reduce the repair cost of the pumping unit; through the development of routine maintenance, primary and secondary maintenance, the pumping unit equipment is in a good state.

2. Key equipment tracking management

To master and control the operation dynamics of the pumping well in management. It is necessary to establish a sound tracking management system for key oil wells.

3, the "exquisite" management of the equipment

Establish and improve maintenance-oriented repairs, and eliminate contempt for management and contempt for maintenance. Establish and improve the corresponding workflow and the preservation of work technical documents and the formulation of management regulations.

Second, the importance of managing the standardization of pumping units

Most of the energy in China's oil pumping process is lost in the process of transmission. If it can be prepared in the management of water and actively promote the application of new technology, the efficiency of the pumping well system will be greatly improved. The benefits will be considerable.

Third, standardized management of pumping units to improve equipment operating efficiency

1. Common faults of pumping unit equipment

The frequent failures of pumping units mainly include problems such as pumping machine vibration and automatic rolling. In the maintenance and management of pumping units, the focus is on strengthening the inspection of the above-mentioned problems, providing in-depth, effective and continuous assistance for the effective development of pumping unit management.

2, normalized maintenance

Establish a mechanism for daily management of the pumping unit, integrate the contents and standards of the maintenance pumping unit into the daily production management activities of the pumping unit, so that the maintenance work can be effectively carried out to make equipment maintenance Maintenance work is regular, daily, and continuous.

The implementation of the standard for strengthening and maintaining the maintenance of pumping unit equipment should be implemented and delivered in strict accordance with the pre-planned plan in the management activities of pumping unit equipment, so as to achieve “five exchanges and three non-payments”.

3. Opinions on pumping equipment management

Strengthen the understanding of pumping equipment management. The mandatory maintenance system for the season has improved the quality of the petroleum treatment equipment after maintenance, improved the safety factor and improved efficiency.

In general, the pumping unit is an important equipment for oilfield exploitation. The operating efficiency of the pumping unit will affect whether the oilfield mining activities can proceed smoothly and whether the oilfield resources can be reasonably and effectively mined. It has high economic and social benefits.

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