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The 4th China Postgraduate Petroleum Equipment Innovation Design Competition Finals

Northeast Network September 23 (Reporter Huo Hanhan) Innovative oil equipment, talents lead the future. On the morning of the 23rd, sponsored by the Ministry of Education's Degree and Graduate Education Development Center, China Petroleum and Petrochemical Equipment Industry Association, China Petroleum Education Association, Northeast Petroleum University hosted the 4th China Postgraduate Petroleum Equipment Innovation Design Competition Finals at Northeast Petroleum University held with grandeur.

The judges observed the entries.

As one of the nine theme competitions of the National Graduate Innovation Practice Series, the China Graduate Petroleum Equipment Innovation Design Competition has been successfully held for four consecutive years. The competition has made outstanding contributions to improving China's petroleum equipment research and development capabilities and cultivating high-level talents. This year's competition has been further upgraded in terms of scale and level. It has also received strong support from the Ministry of Education, Heilongjiang Province and related associations, societies and brothers and universities. There are also a large number of well-known petroleum equipment design and manufacturing enterprises. The main leaders also came to the conference, which reflected the importance and expectation of this competition and reflected the responsibility and confidence in China's creation. This competition will surely become an important link for cooperation and exchange between universities and enterprises. It will become an important platform for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in petroleum equipment manufacturing and the cultivation of high-level talents, and make outstanding contributions to the goal of achieving "Made in China 2025" as soon as possible.

After the opening ceremony, the competition will be held in the first session, and the judges will observe the physical display of the entries on the spot. On-site scoring was conducted in the form of contestants' presentations and physical demonstrations, judges' questions, and contestants' answers. In the afternoon, entering the second part of the competition, the judges and the contestants held an on-site defense meeting in the main teaching building of the school. It is understood that the finals of the competition will pass the physical display and the on-site defense. The evaluation experts will comprehensively evaluate the works and finally determine the winners.

The contestant introduces the entries.

It is reported that this year's competition attracted 1230 entries from 65 universities including China University of Petroleum (Beijing), Southwest Petroleum University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Shandong University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Institute of Technology, and Harbin Engineering University. After fierce competition in the previous period, 243 entries were finalized in the finals, including 160 pieces of petroleum equipment and 83 pieces of general mechanical works. During the finals of the competition, high-level forums for academicians and entrepreneurs, corporate recruitment fairs, national petroleum equipment knowledge contests, visits to the Iron Man Memorial Hall and graduate culture nights will also be held.

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